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Dream Talk Recorder for iPhone

Do you talk in your dreams?

About 5% of the world adult population talks in their dreams and 50% of the kids between ages of 3-10 carry long conversations in their dream. Do you, your kids or someone you know talk in their dreams? Do you know what happens in the darkest hours of the night? Find out today!

Dream Talk Recorder for iPhone intelligently records your talks while you or your partner are talking in your dreams. Our cutting edge technology records only when you are talking or snoring at night.

Touch a button in Dream Talk Recorder before going to sleep and in the morning you will be surprised and delighted to hear everything that you or your partner said at night.

Also now you don't have to argue with your partner if he/she snores at night. You will have a solid proof and can play it at the breakfast table


  • Records your dream talks
  • Keeps a complete history with start/stop time and number of recordings
  • Copy funny dream talks to favorites
  • Listen to the recordings and see the voice visualizations.
  • Delete all recordings from the last night with the swipe of a finger.
  • Share your favorite dream talks via email & Facebook with your friends and on DreamTalkRecorder.net with the rest of the world.
  • Set activation delay to start recording later e.g., 30 minutes after you have went to bed.
  • Auto stops recording after configurable hours e.g., 7 hours
  • Set recording sensitivity level to let the app automatically filter noise.